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 Malinda Menke 

 In 1999, Malinda Menke was captivated by the liveliness and brilliance of soft pastels and began studying with Albuquerque artist Deborah Christensen Secor, who challenged her to experiment, “paint outside the lines” and explore a variety of techniques to take advantage of the versatility of the medium.


Malinda has also studied with nationally-known pastelists in workshop settings.


Malinda is a past member of the Pastel Society of New Mexico, and her work has been juried into PSNM’s National Painting Exhibitions numerous times. She has exhibited in group shows at Harwood Art Center, Sumner & Dene Gallery, Arts Alliance Gallery and the New Mexico Art League.

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From the Artist:

Why soft pastel? Sticks of pure pigment…luscious, vibrant color at my fingertips. Due to the crystalline nature of pastels, when I lay down the correct value of a color in just the right place and refrain from blending, pastels glow! I’m intrigued by the versatility of the medium and the textural, luminous effects I can achieve by using a variety of surfaces and layering techniques.


Why paint small?  I often choose the intimate view of the landscape, a flower, a simple piece of pottery and focus on underlying shapes to find simplicity within complexity. Small works hold a subtle power; they invite a closer look. Sometimes less is more.

               Malinda Menke




Phone: 505-281-7784

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