David Stelle

MyMy oil paintings are abstract and unpredictable.
And they can be hung in any direction!   Watch!

The Experience
There is a richness in patterns, shapes, texture and color. Yet there is mystery because meaning is minimal.
Enjoy it like watching clouds or the shore of a lake or gazing at branches and leaves of a tree or the patterns found in rocks alone or perhaps laden with lichen and a perched moth.
Feel contemplative. And freely engage your imagination.
To attain an even richer perceptual experience, let your eye wander into smaller areas to find entire sub-worlds to explore.

The Creation
As I paint I'm in the here and now. I improvise using forces from within such as courage, energy, ideas, motion and emotion.
Jazz musicians are familiar with improvisation but there's a vast
4 positions per painting, turning clockwise
MyAim mouse, or touch screen, to see titles.
Mydifference as musicians must be coordinated and mutually supportive. Instead, I'm free to engage my paints and brushes just for myself while I focus purely on the relationship between me and my painting.
That's not to say I ignore musical concepts such as theme and rhythm. I do strive for a pleasing result.
I simply follow my own rhythms and patterns and progressions, even to the point where I find myself dancing while I paint, with anything from Eric Dolphy to Eric Donaldson to Eric Clapton in the air!

In a way you can think of my canvas as my stage. Together, my paints, brushes and other tools are my instrument.
With these I express mood, physicality and play. Combining these with concepts of music I compose visual translations while discovering an adventure of painting that's unknowing, expansive and free.

That's one key for my motivation to make art: it has to be some kind of adventure.

Enjoy the results. Many more to come.