Carol Argue

As a youngster, I remember becoming very excited anytime I received a brand new box of Crayola Crayons.  I couldn’t wait to bring color to the pages of my coloring books.  One becomes a ‘real artist’ when using ‘real paints’ for a paint-by-number project, and I remember how proud I felt when my painting was complete and hanging on the wall in my bedroom. 


Those feelings of joy and accomplishment re-emerged shortly after I took early retirement in 2007 during a vacation to Colorado.  I took a 3-hour art class and painted my very first watercolor. I was surprised at the result of my efforts and decided to take art classes both at the University of New Mexico Continuing Education and privately.  The joy I was experiencing was second to none, and it was nice to finally be doing the very activity I wanted to do for many years. 


My classes in acrylic painting with Polly Jackson and pastel painting lessons with Deborah Secor stoked the fire in my soul while I was immersed in learning technique and composition. One of the greatest things for me to do is to listen to my favorite music while eating chocolate and applying color, images, and feelings on paper and canvas.  It feeds my being. 

C Argue Sunflowers acrylic 2014

C Argue Prickly Pear acrylic 2013

C Argue Seaside Evening acrylic 2015

C Argue Rio Chama Overlook NM acrylic 2016

C Argue Moab Magic pastel  2011

C Argue  Loch Leane County Kerry Ireland 2014 pastel

C Argue  Arizona Wonderland 2013 pastel

C Argue Light as Air acrylic 2015

C Argue Lake Louise Canada acrylic 2013

C Argue  Predawn Albuquerque 2014 acrylic

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"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time"

  Thomas Merton



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