I’ve always seen drawing and painting as a way of experiencing the world, of focusing on it in greater detail, of absorbing it.  Art has always seemed to me to express something preverbal, to speak in images, to tell us about the world before we formed the words to define it, in so far as we can find such words.  In my view, drawing and painting, expressing the eternal forms in line and color, speak in and to the primitive or animal mind in a manner that is far more complex than a verbal description. 


Art speaks directly to our emotions through lived experiences, not only the individual but the universal store of shared images that constitute the human.  Insofar as art is successful, in my opinion, it speaks to us in images that tell us:  ‘Look, look at the beauty and mystery that surrounds us; look how fleeting that beauty is, and how transient we are in this ever mysterious world!’






Bill B Awakening
Bill B Libation
Bill B Last Storm
Bill B Passing Storm
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 Bill Buss